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SPK SYNTAX® connectors are available in the 8 pin configuration, fully intermateable with the widely used CA-COM connectors.  SPK SYNTAX® allow the conveyance of high electric power signal to professional loudspeakers. The design presents the same key features of SVK Series, and can be supplied with rubber covered locking ring and with gold plated solder-type contacts. The SPK SYNTAX® connectors are solidly built so to ensure long term reliability. Moreover, they do not present the shortcomings of older connectors still used in industrial or military environments.

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Syntax SPK Series

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Syntax SPK08MV

8 pole male cable connector

Syntax SPK08MP

8 pole female cable connector

Syntax SPK08FV

8 pole male chassis connector

Syntax SPK08FP

8 pole female chassis connector

Syntax SPK08TMSC

Protection cap for male SPK 8 pole connectors

Syntax SPK08TFSC

Protection cap for female SPK 8 pole connectors

Syntax SPK08ADIV

Protection cap for male SPK 8 pole connectors