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 Cost effective fiber optic hybrid cable solution, great SMPTE cable alternative if only low voltage is required. Assembled ultra-flexible and lightweight (65 kg/km) low voltage camera / SM hybrid cable with 2 single-mode fibers and 2 AWG16 copper conductors, aramid yard cable retention.  Optimized for camera link systems (e.g. for ENG / SNG1), camera adapter systems, camera cranes and powered drop down converter boxes for broadcast applications where only ELV2 (< 50Vac) is required.

The opticalCON DUO cable connector accommodates a standard optical LC-Duplex connector in a ruggedized and durable all-metal housing. It features a spring loaded push-pull locking mechanism and an excellent cable retention utilizing aramid yarn. The optical connection is exceptional well protected against dirt and dust by an automatically operated sealing cover.

The cable connector comes pre-assembled and is not available as a single component. The cable is available in different lengths and is packed either in a case, on drum or airspool.

Features & Benefits

Eliminates need for awkward and costly SMPTE cables if only ELV² (< 50 V ac) is required

Ruggedized and dirt protected fiber optic connection system

Waterproof acc. to IP65 safety standard in mated condition

Small drum up to 150 m cable (15 kg)

Accommodates standard optical LC-Duplex connectors

Cable connector features rugged all metal housing and heavy duty cable retention

Excellent dust and dirt protection due to automatic sealing shutter with silicone gasket

Reliable Push-Pull locking mechanism

Easy to clean, no special tools required

Available in different packing versions


Handling Instruction

opticalCON Folder

Technical Paper

Drawing NKO2-A

opticalCON Broadcast Application SNG/ENG and Studio Routing