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The FLEXUS FX100 is a comprehensive professional audio analyzer dedicated for research, design lab, service and end-of-line testing. State-of-the art measurement technologies offer fast GlideSweeps, detailed stepped sweeps, a continuous meter mode and FFT analysis.

The FX100 is ideally suited for accurate and fast testing of audio and acoustic devices. Powerful on-board DSPs in combination with sophisticated calculation algorithms ensure real-time acquisition of all measurements in parallel.

FX100 for Digital Audio

The FX-AES plug-in board extends the functionality of the FLEXUS FX100 Audio Analyzer by offering A-D, D-A and D-D cross-domain measurements. It supports AES3, AES3id, S/PDIF and TOSLINK interfaces with a freely selectable sampling rate up to 192 kHz and a sync input for external clock sources.

At a glance

Audio and Acoustic Testing

Quality control of audio products is an essential component of the manufacturing process and the service lab. Based on your requirements, the FX100 is configured for basic functional tests or complete performance tests, including documentation of results. Use the same configuration in your lab and on your production floor.


• Fast measurements

• All measurement functions parallel

• Accurate results

• Scalable architecture

• Superior specifications

Scalable Architecture

The modular hardware concept allows customization of the FX100 for two or four parallel channel operation. An optional impedance module supports speaker measurements. The FLEXUS Audio Analyzer grows with future measurement applications.

More Channels

Individual input switcher and output switcher modules may extend the audio analyzer to 14 input channels or 14 output channels connected simultaneously. The software suite FX-Control may operate several FX100 in parallel thus offering multiple-channel measurements.

Parallel Measurements

The FLEXUS Audio Analyzer acquires all measurement functions in parallel. State-of-the art measurement technologies offer fast Glide Sweeps, detailed stepped sweeps and a continuous meter mode.

Superior Specifications

The wide level range from 1 μV - 200 Vp together with a THD+N of typical -104 dB offers comprehensive audio and acoustic analysis for research and design lab.

Frequency Range 5Hz - 80kHz and DC

The FX100 Audio Analyzer offers a wide frequency range up to 80 kHz and simultaneous measurement of the DC voltage. Thus the FX100 provides detailed DC and audio frequency analysis within the same configuration.

FX-Control Suite

The included FX-Control Suite provides the straight forward access to all audio analyzer features. The software utilizes the advantages of state-of-the-art WPF architecture for today‘s and future measurement applications.

Fast Setup

The flexible architecture supports all demands for intuitive setup of single, parallel or sequential measurements. Individual configuration and result panels may be displayed at various work sheets.

Hardware Diagram

The FX-Control software may illustrate the external hardware wiring. This ensures fast setup by sending the project configuration to the manufacturing lines around the globe.

Sequence Mode

Individual measurements may be combined to test sequences, including tolerance handling and Pass/Fail result, creating an easy operator test flow.

Detailed Analysis

Fast Multi-Channel FFT

The high-resolution FFT with 192 kHz sampling rate presents a detailed analysis of the audio frequency spectrum. FFT graph panels may be customized showing one or more traces in the same panel simultaneously.

Sweep Measurements

Detailed R&D measurements are supported with Frequency, Amplitude, Time and Table Sweeps, which may trigger with internal or external signals.

Application Programming .NET

The FX-Control Suite software supports all .NET programming languages, such as C#.NET and Visual Basic.NET. These offer fast and easy integration into customized production solutions.

Introducing the Flexus FX100

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Flexus FX100 Analog & Digital Audio Analyzer

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